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Nestled near the base of the Appalachian Blue Mountain Range in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Over Home Farm provides a setting of beauty and tranquility for the Suri alpacas which reside here. A family farm for over six generations; we have been committed to raising quality Suri alpacas for fiber and protein for over 10 years. Alpacas are one of the most sustainable livestock, with a highly efficient digestive system and a physique that makes them very gentle on our pastures. Their fiber is harvested annually and made into warm, lightweight, hypoallergenic clothing, accessories and home products.   When it is time for an animal to move on to “greener pastures” they are respectfully and humanely processed providing a nutritionally dense food for our family and others.

Superb Nutrition

Super high in iron and protein and low in cholesterol, alpaca meat provides exceptional nutrition.  The flavor is mild and sweet, most comparable to beef, producing similar cuts/products.

You are what you eat

Our alpacas are raised on our 90 acre farm where we grow some of the most sought after orchard grass hay in the Northeast.  Grazing in the pastures in the summer and munching on hay in the barn in the winter, our animals are happily well fed.


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Over Home Farm

43 Midway Road, Bethel, Pennsylvania 19507, United States